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Microsoft Windows 10 free download iso file 64bit torrent

Download Windows 10 is Microsoft’s operating system announced in 2014 to equip desktop computers, tablets, devices 1 and 2 in the company’s smartphones. It unites the classic interface of Windows 7 with the new design of Windows 8, creating a versatile environment able to adapt to screens of all sizes.  windows 10 free download

The new update system still has no date for release to the final consumer, but the most curious – and OS knowledgeable – can now download the Technical Preview for a secondary or virtual machine for testing purposes. If you fit this profile, download now for free and check out the news.  kicass microsoft windows 10 download torrent

Start Menu In Windows 10 OS

Everything is familiar again for those who still think Windows 7 the best version of the most popular operating system in the world. In Windows 10, the Start Menu is compact: a list of installed apps and documents. Beside, the dynamic blocks premiered in Windows 8 are present, displaying weather information and news. windows 10 download free with product key

As with the previous version, the tiles can be rearranged and resized freely, and everything fits the size automatically chosen. There are also shortcuts for contacts and favorite websites – all can be fixed and desperadoes the Start Menu, making it more complete according to user needs. windows 10 download

The latest change in the Start Menu will please those who consider it small. Now you can customize it with colors of your choice, and expand it so that it occupies most of the screen, something like the maximization of resource windows, but that puts the menu almost in full screen.  windows xp download

Task View and Snap functions In Microsoft Windows 10

A preview of open programs now displays larger thumbnails so that the identification of the app is faster in multitasking. To access it, still holds the name Alt + Tab command.  windows 10 preview downloadwindows 10 32bit torrent downloadAlready Snap, which put modern apps side programs to the desktop, is now more intelligent. The screen still be able to be divided into two, but you have more freedom when it comes to moving screens in space. The very Task View can be used only on a side of the screen if desired. windows 7 professional download torrent

Windows 10 supports multiple desktops and tablets

Download window 10 freeMultiple desktops finally come to Windows. When you click a button located on the taskbar, a new desktop with programs and independent folders can be created to provide more organization to your computer. Items of work and personal use will finally be open at the same time without interfering in the user experience. 64bit windows vista download

Modern apps on windows 10 64 bit and 34 bit OS

Apps downloaded from the Windows Store are now open in full screen only if the user so desires. In the new system, modern apps and designed programs will work side by side in resizable windows, which promises to stimulate the use of the Windows Store and improve the user experience of any program designed for the Microsoft operating system. with key download windows 10

Microsoft New Windows 10 Supports Cortana

windows 10 supports cortena One of the greatest innovations of Windows 10 is the personal assistant Cortana that can be activated by simple voice commands as “Hey Cortana.” The wizard can choose a song, open presentations, consult the weather forecast or check your emails using only the command voice.

The personal assistant was born in Windows Phone and is one of the best features of this system that now comes to Windows 10. It works on desktop versions and other devices such as tablets and mobile phones. For now, she said only understands commands in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and German. torrent download windows 10 with product key

New Configuration app

The PC Settings won a simple and intuitive replacement that will make your job easier when configuring your computer. It is designed to resemble the extinct Control Panel (which is still present in the system), and has a set of original icons. The application is organized by the setup area and helps the user to go straight to what he wants to set up.

In addition to the PC settings, other programs such as People, Outlook, Store, Photos and Maps also had their completely renovated design.

Audio , video and wireless connectivity simplified

Another good news of Windows 10 is the ease of connection between your computer and wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers and televisions compatible with Miracast technology

Windows on all devices

The new version of Windows 10 will run on different devices. The system already has a desktop version and in February, received an update that makes it possible to install the system on mobile devices. Thus it will cover most of the current devices.

New Xbox One apps on windows 10

Windows is more integrated than ever with Microsoft’s console. Along with the operating system comes a new Xbox application that will offer list of games and friends, including chat online with anyone on Xbox Live. The My Games interface organizes content into columns, making the design and usability very similar on the desktop, tablet and smartphone. There you can post on a timeline, see the activities of your friends, see gameplay videos in DVR and more.

However, the best news is a function that competes with Remote Play, the Playstation 4: the new Windows, Xbox One games will be transmitted over the network and played on any Windows 10 device without the wires help. With this, you can use the motion picture recording feature to create gameplay videos and even edit them on the PC, sharing on social networks.

Organizing the windows

In older versions of Windows, when you drag a window to one of the screen edges, and adjusted it self then shared their work area into two equal parts. With the upgrade, if you do this, the system will immediately suggest other organizational options.

With this change, you do not need to drag more than one window to have your duly split screen as the OS identifies his intentions. This organization system, you can do an automatic grid with up to four equally sized windows.

Improvements in Windows Explorer

The Windows file manager has been improved and is now more intelligent. The Explorer puts the folders most visited by Featured user and also allows you to search throughout the operating system. To complete the Windows Explorer allows you to set your favorite folders in the Home for easy access.

The Windows search tool is now fixed in the Start Menu and Taskbar, which facilitates its use and the user’s life. With the search for Windows you can search not just files and documents, but also apps installed on your PC and web results.

Improvements in onedrive

The onedrive also received some improvements in its operating method. To facilitate the identification and synchronization service files on the system, Microsoft changed a bit the way in which the items are synchronized.

With the change, the user can now can choose whether you want all files to be synchronized or select them manually. There is also an option to choose where they will be storing the files that will be available even when the PC is without internet connection.

Native support for MKV files

Quite popular, the format of multimedia files MKV is now natively supported by the system. Ie, files in this format can be played directly in Windows Media Player and in applications of their choice, without the need to install codecs. Support is so complete that the system displays thumbnails and metadata of files in Windows Explorer.

Microsoft has also implemented support for DLNA, which will make the integration of the PC to other media devices much easier.

Spartan: the browser to replace the IE

Microsoft also confirmed the Spartan Project, a codename for the new browser to replace the hated Internet Explorer. The browser is still in development and will be available for all devices with Windows 10.

Among its innovations, is a function which lets you freeze sites and make notes on the screen, either with a stylus, mouse or finger. The feature will allow prints and save notes directly into OneNote and share.

Holographic windows, a new era

The Windows 10 will have a “holographic API” for developers to create applications especially for HoloLens device.


Adapt to all screen sizes
multiple desktops
Menu Start small desktop
Integrating Apps Store and classic programs

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Windows 10 Free Download with Product Key Online (torrent)

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview  for free with product key

Download Microsoft Windows 10  represents the culmination of a journey that started with Windows 8 and continued with Windows 8.1. The operating system is designed to meet the needs of all users, since the user experience will be optimized for each device, combining the best of the two interfaces. One software platform for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PC and console, and a single marketplace for applications, offering new features that make it possible to increase productivity in the workplace and in private life. Windows 10 will hit the market by the summer of 2015. Until then it will be possible to test the preview versions that Microsoft will release over the months.  “Windows 10 free download”

download windows 10 free download “One product family, one platform, one store “is the motto chosen by Microsoft to present the new operating system. In these few words are contained the reasons that led to the development of Windows 10 : a single platform that will cover a family of products with diverse characteristics, through new features, a revamped interface and a single digital store, where users can find all applications, both traditional and those optimized for devices with touchscreen.

Windows 10 is a new Windows , because it represents a big change for Microsoft than Windows 8. The operating system is designed for a world “mobile first, cloud first”, in which people are no longer bound to a specific device, but use (business or leisure) a multitude of devices. Windows 10 is the first version then truly cross-platform , as it can be installed not only on smartphones, phablet, tablet, notebook, hybrids and PC, but also on consoles, large touch screens and even on microcontrollers for the Internet of Things, such as Intel Galileo . Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will be installed on all Lumia with Windows Phone 8 (with some limitations ).

windows 10 download torrent link with product key

During the keynote presentation , Terry Myerson (Vice President of the division Operating Systems) in this regard was very clear and direct: ” Windows 10 platform is more global than ever . ” In the first official preview of the speech was made ​​even more clear: an operating system for a ‘blackberries personal computing, “which has a duty to re-invent the idea of Windows to the logic of the service.

Availability and prices

Since October 1, 2014 you can download a free copy of Windows 10 Technical Preview (build 9841). Users must first sign up for the program Windows Insider, for which Microsoft collects data on the use of the operating system to receive feedback from participants. The October 21, 2014 was released build 9860 which introduces over 7,000 improvements and ‘ Action Center . Little new, however, in the build 9879 to mid-November.

The important news related to the cost of access to the new operating system. Microsoft has announced that the price will in fact be zero for all users on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 . The offer will last one year and users will receive free upgrades for life of the device. The price of Windows 10 has not yet been made ​​official, but in all likelihood it will be lower than that of Windows 8. The business model has changed and the speed of the system will update the couple with a kind of subscription that will ensure the upgrade to new releases. Microsoft has chosen an approach ” Windows as a Service “that, in fact, eliminates the concept of version.

Minimum Requirements to install windows 10 OS

During WinHEC 2015, dedicated to OEM partners, Microsoft has officially announced the minimum requirements for the desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10 . To install the operating system on the PC, notebook and tablet takes at least an 8-inch display with a resolution of 800 × 600 pixels, 1 or 2 GB RAM (32 or 64 bit), 16 or 32 GB of storage (32 or 64 bit), video card and DirectX 9.0, only for the tablet, power buttons and volume.

For smartphone is required instead a display of between 3 and 7.99 inches, 4 GB of storage, microSD 4GB, video card DirectX 9.0, buttons Power, Volume Up / Down, Start, Back and Search. The minimum size of the RAM varies depending on the screen resolution: 512 MB ​​(800 × 480 to 854 × 480), 1GB (from 960 × 540 to 1366 × 768), 2 GB (1440 × 900 to 1920 × 1200 ), 3 GB (2048 × 1152 2560 × 1600), 4 GB (2560 × 2048 or higher).

download windows 10 free version

torrent download link to download windows10windows 10 free download os fileMicrosoft also released the Upgrade Matrix , or the possible combinations to upgrade the current operating system to Windows 10 download. The upgrade directed by ISO is allowed by Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update. The upgrade through Windows Update is only possible by Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 Update and Windows Phone 8.1. Windows RT will not be updated.

The Redmond company has announced that the upgrade to Windows 10 will be allowed to users who use a pirated copy of the previous operating system. However, the license will not be donated. Most likely there will be limitations in terms of functionality.

The new Start menu

During the Build conference in April 2014, Microsoft showed a preview of the Start menu, stating that it would be included in a future version of the operating system. The experts have suggested its integration in Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Update 1 Update 2 (update ever released and replaced by a monthly update). The desktop interface has requested but deeper changes, then the Start menu in Windows 10 has been restored . The differences from the Start menu of Windows 7 are many (that’s why the adjective “new”).

First off, the menu lists both traditional applications, both apps Modern. In the right column displays the live tile , which can be moved, resized and eliminated, as on Windows 8.1 . At the top of the left column are the user’s name and links to system folders (Documents, Pictures, PC Settings and File Explorer). The menu can be resized at will, up to a horizontal position on the taskbar. Microsoft has also added the ability to change its color in the settings. Starting with build 9926, the box for the search has been moved in the system tray and allows you to use Cortana to search for content on the computer and online.

Spartan, the other browser

One of the most important new features of Windows 10 is represented by a browser deeply integrated into the operating system, which Microsoft designed to provide a better navigation than Internet Explorer 11. The quality of Spartan are many, all inspired by the idea that Windows does not longer just a code capable of running the machine, but especially an environment that must accommodate the user and should facilitate the experience.

Among the qualities of Spartan, therefore, there are three characteristics that well they exert nature:

  • either through touch or through stylus you can select a portion of the page while browsing : the note created can then be shared or used on various applications. The Web page is therefore not treated as elements established by a developer, but as a unique experiential as well as experienced from the eyes of the navigator. And the latter can then interact with it at will, extrapolating arbitrary elements and making it their own use;
  • a new ” reading mode “allows you to alienate the page every element of distraction, all focusing on the text: the user can enjoy a read, gaining experience free of noise. This method promotes concentration on the text and content.
  • Spartan integrates Cortana : the personal assistant can be used to conduct the research.

Spartan does not replace Internet Explorer 11 (on the desktop), but it will be the default browser for all versions of Windows 10. Microsoft had planned to use two rendering engines (the old and the new Trident Edge ) for both, but during the development of the operating system has decided that Edge will be used only by Spartan, while IE11 will remain substantially unchanged from Windows 8.1 and then use again Trident to ensure compatibility with websites legacy.

Task View e desktop virtuali

In Windows 7 called Windows Flip, while in Windows 8 Switcher his name was, but its function was the same: to allow the user to switch quickly from one running application to another, using the keyboard and touch. In Windows 10 was included a new interface, called Task View . In this case, in addition to applications, are also shown the virtual desktops.

Instead of overlapping windows on a single desktop, you can create other desktop when opening applications, possibly divided according to specific task (for example, app to app to work and leisure). To add virtual desktops simply press the button on the taskbar that depicts two overlapping rectangles. The Task View is also activated with the combinations ALT + TAB and ALT + TAB . The windows of the app can be moved from one desktop to another.

Snap Assist, app “windowed” e Continuum

The functionality Snap View, which allows a series of Windows 8 apps Modern, has been improved in Windows 10 and extended to traditional applications. The user can view the screen up to four apps with the new layout to quadrants. Windows 10 will suggest intelligently ( Snap Assist ) as fill the available space.

Modern apps are now open in windows , like desktop programs. Therefore, there are buttons for maximizing, minimizing and closing, in addition to the title bar (retractable), from which you can access the various options (Search, Share, Play, Print, etc.) With a tap or a click on button with three dots.

Continuum is definitely the most interesting and useful feature for users who own a hybrid device or 2-in-1, such as the Surface Pro 3. Windows 10 automatically changes the layout of the interface when connected and disconnected the keyboard. In the first case, it shows the desktop environment with the Start menu and the app “windowed”. In the second case, the Start menu is brought to full screen and replaces the previous practice in the Start screen.

Universal and Windows App Store

With the arrival of Windows 10 was changed to the name of the app Modern, now defined Universal app , as they can be installed on smartphones, tablets and PCs. The Windows Store will undergo a profound transformation , becoming a hub for all applications (touch and non-touch) and other digital content. There are also new forms of payment and the creation of a “store-in-store”, where companies can place the app public and those reserved to its employees. Windows Store will be the only digital store for all devices ” one platform, one store. ”

Various applications will be integrated into download Windows 10 free and may be used by all devices animated by the new operating system: Photo, Video, Music, Maps, Calendar, Skype, OneDrive and other functions can be used as well with total continuity and consistency in the experience final , easing the user’s task and file access.

IE12, Cortana and center notifications

During the keynote of the end of September 2014, Microsoft showed only the innovations included in the preliminary version of the operating system, leaving out the features that will be incorporated in future releases. It was not made ​​any reference to Internet Explorer 12 (IE11 includes the preview), at Cortana and the center notifications , which in recent months have transpired various indiscretions. According to rumors Clune, Internet Explorer 12 would have to have a new interface . With the build 9926, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 will include still IE11, which will be joined by the new browser Spartan.

Cortana , the personal assistant of Windows Phone 8.1, has also been integrated into the operating system desktop (from build 9926) to improve the traditional search. Cortana not only allows interaction with the user through natural language, but learn actions and habits to assist search and navigation in various ways to experience the final service. The center notifications, however, shows inside a rectangular window (lower right corner) messages sent by the operating system and applications.

Action Center, Battery Saver e Data Sense

Since October 21, 2014 there is a new build of the 9860 Technical Preview which includes several enhancements and three new features: Action Center, Battery Saver and Data Sense. Action Center is the center of notifications, a window listing all notices of the operating system and applications. Starting with build 9926, the user can interact directly, for example to start a conversation when you are shown a Skype call notification.

Battery Saver and Date Sense are two functions inherited from Windows Phone 8.1. The first limits the background task to increase the battery life, while the second monitors the consumption of data traffic. Both features are not fully active, because some options can not be selected.

Other new features are the combination of smaller states WIN + SHIFT + arrow to move the app active on another monitor, the animation that clearly indicates the switch between virtual desktops and animation “pop” visible when opening or closing windows apps and File Explorer (File Manager). Users enrolled in the program Windows Insider can now choose the speed at which to receive future updates (fast and slow).

Office is a universal app

Office becomes accessible from any device Windows 10: from PC to tablet, smartphone to Microsoft Surface Hub, so that the entire Windows environment can take advantage of the suite of connectivity Redmond. New versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook allow easier access to files and interact either with the mouse, keyboard and touch. On February 4, 2015 has been published on the Windows Store Beta preview of the first three apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Further details on the new universal app included with Office for Windows 10 will be announced in the coming months.

Xbox Live on Windows 10

Great news for gamers subscribe to Xbox Live . Users can compete in multiplayer from any device , so not only with the Xbox One , it is running the game, but also to PCs, tablets and smartphones with Windows 10. The games themselves will provide a better gaming experience, thanks to higher performance of DirectX 12, and Game DVR functionality, which allows you to record specific phases of the game to share online with friends.

Xbox Live, therefore, becomes the bridge to the interaction between the world of Xbox and Windows world, thus creating the necessary communication channel that makes the environment unique and integrated experience.

Because Windows 10?

For months has been circulating the name Windows 9 to indicate the new version of the operating system, although Microsoft has never confirmed this rumor. But everyone took for granted the choice “chronological”. Instead, surprisingly, the Redmond company has decided to skip a number, presenting Windows 10. During the keynote, Terry Myerson said that Windows One was to be the better name, but Windows 1 has already been used. Then, because Windows 10?

There are those who assumed that the choice is related to the types of devices on which can be executed. The developers claim that the reason depends on a problem of code . But Windows 10 is probably the best name to indicate a major change, a move away from Windows 8 and above the last major release of Windows . Microsoft has indeed provided frequent updates that will introduce security patches, fixes and new features, responding to requests from users and companies.

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